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New beginnings

Welcome to Dogfight Fire. I've had Dogfight Fire on my mind since late 2013. Inspired from WWII fighter planes, I always thought it would be a cool idea to incorporate that vibe with a fire protection design company (be on the lookout for updated graphics and logos in the near future). I've been designing and working in the industry since right before the crash of 2008. I only ever heard stories of fully staffed design departments with estimators, designers, and stocklisters working separately as a team. After the crash, all those responsibilities fell upon individual designers. The industry recovered and adapted and now it is more common to find well rounded designers who know a little bit of everything. Throughout my career I learned that this industry belongs to the pipe fitters. An age old trade of hard working individuals who have been involved in fire and life safety since the late 1800s. Did you know the first water service pipe networking systems were for fire protection use and not for drinking water or irrigation? Take a stroll down the industrial revolution annals and see for yourself. I bring this up because I am honored to be a part of such an industry and I take great pride in designing systems with ease of installation in mind. Every designer is different and I know many great ones at that, but I've learned that a design is only as good as its installation. I had the wonderful opportunity to work under an old school pipefitter early in my career who taught me the importance of designing with installation in mind. This man, may he rest in peace, was rough around the edges and we sadly departed ways on bad terms but I always respected him for his knowledge and ability to tell it like it is. "Next time you draw something like that, I'll make you go out and install it yourself." He wasn't the only one in the trade who helped inspire my designing style but he is definitely the one who opened my eyes to the importance of design. This industry is full of amazingly talented people and I am humbled and honored to help make their job easier so we can get on the job, hang some pipe, and go home to our families without any headaches. That is my passion. That is my goal.

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